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We understand you do not have time for even reading the summarized news, so here we are producing every news in the Audio format so that you can consume it while driving, eating or even working. This is India's first Audio and Video News App which can narrate all your news in your language to make it available in most consumable format.

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Language should not be a barrier for infomartion so here we are present in multiple languages, currently we serve in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Telugu and Tamil. More to come in coming days.

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We uses Extensive Machine Learing(AI) algorithms to generate the shortest possible information removing all the irrelevant and least bothered information. Why AI? So that you get your summarized news fastest, unprejudiced, unbiased and neutral.

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We understand in your busy schedule sometime you may miss some news, We apply NLP to work on multiple news items and connect all those relevant news to make it available to Discover, you can simple click and listen/read all the news about that topic.

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We get the articles/news from all your favourite sources, process them by applying higly efficient aggretator algorithm to make it available for you so that you can enjoy them just by listening it and stay informed. This is the Next Level App for all those people who live to make it large in shortest possible way.

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ओवली न्युजद्वारे जगातील बातम्या मिळवा जे भारतातील पहिले ऑडिओ न्युज ऍप आहे. थोडक्यात बातमी वाचा आणि पहिल्यांदाच ताज्या बातम्या, राजकारण, मराठी ऑडिओ स्वरूपातील प्रादेशिक बातम्यांचा सारांश ऐका जेणेकरुन आपण ड्राईव्हिंग करताना किंवा खाताना देखील आपल्याला दैनंदिन गोष्टींची सहज माहिती मिळू शकेल.